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ABS PS Permanent antistatic agent

一、Product composition and characteristics:

High temperature resistance, can be used for food contact

二、Product uses:

Permanent, non migratory antistatic agent. The thermal stability is good and the effect is good, the effect is good, the surface resistance can reach 108 ohm. Will not affect the color of the final products, can be used in the color of the plastic products. Will not affect the transparency of the products, permanent can make products for life with antistatic properties.

Recommended add: 15-20%.



Standard packaging 20kg carton packaging, as well as convenient transport can be according to customer requirements provide independent packaging of various specifications drum or plastic drum.

四、Transport and storage:

Please comply with local laws and regulations, the antistatic agent for non hazardous materials, but please do not mix with food and food additives, the transport of materials in detail and the safety of the MSDS please contact the company.