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一、Ingredients and Features:

  Type: nonionic surfactant.

  Appearance: brown liquid

Effective Matter Content: 99%
  Amine Value (mgKOH/g): 170-195
volatile matter≤2.0%,

  Features: greatly reduce the surface resistance of plastic products to 108-9Ω, high-efficiency and permanent antistatic performance, appropriate compatibility with resin and no effect on process and use performances of products, soluble in organic solvents like alcohol and others.  



  It is inter-addition-type antistatic agent, applicable for all kinds of polyalkene material.


三、Usage and Use Level:

  Decide appropriate use level according to the kind of resin, process condition, product form and antistatic degree, the usual use level is 0.5-1.0% of product. It can be directly added into resin. Better uniformity and effect are achieved if preparing antistatic master batch in advance, then mixing with blank resin. Because the limited concentration that macromolecular materials absorb liquid antistatic reagent is very low, it is better if add appropriate solid powder material when preparing high-concentration antistatic master batch.



  Sealed in 50kg plastic barrel and 160kg iron barrel, or according to the clients' requirements.


五、Storage and Transportation:

  prevent from water, moisture and insolation, not to place upside down; timely seal container if the product is not used up. It is toxic, non-dangerous product, can be transported and stored according to the requirement of ordinary chemicals. The period of validity is one year.